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26 years After Massacre Of The Ahiskan Turks in Fergana.The NNA-TV remembers
26 years After Massacre Of The Ahiskan Turks in Fergana.The NNA-TV remembers

Actions of Uzbekistan pogromist differed with unprecedented cruelty, working in the closest interaction with local bodies of Committee for State Security of the USSR. Pogromists, cruelly pinned up victims a pitchforks, cut off the heads, people burned alive.

7. In June 1989 at least 1200 were killed in pogroms dire...

From May 23th to May 25th in various regions of area there were group attacks on Meskhetian Turks. During collisions 58 people suffered. At the end of May, 1989 began the organized riots in the Fergana Region in Kuvasay,Fergana, Margilan, Kokand, Tashlak and other settlements.

June events in the Fergana area.
The main events occurred on June 3rd-12th, 1989. Events quickly spiraled out of control.

In many areas there were small and large scale massacres and violence towards the Meskhetian Turks people. As a consequence of the tragic events,more than 1,200 people have been killed. 3,067 were severely injured, 1,356 Ahiska Meshetin Turks houses were burnt.Tens of thousands of people were forced to flee the unrest. As a result of these tensions, the Soviet army evacuated 17,000  Ahiska (Meskhetian) Turks to Russia.

After the government-sponsored evacuation, another 120,000 Ahiska (Meskhetian) Turks  living in other parts of Uzbekistan fled on their own to  Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union.

Red Moore
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