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To The 25rd Anniversary Of Bloody Events in Fergana.
On The 25th Anniversary Of Fergana Massacre, a Clear Understanding Of The Facts.

"All Praise Is Due To Allah, Lord Of All The Worlds".
May Allah Accept The Souls Of All Our Ahiska Meskhetian Turks Brothers And Sisters Who Died in The Fergana Massacre And Grant Them Status Of Shaheed And a High Place in Jannah - Ameen.

All Of Us, Ahiska Meskhetian Turks Have To Thank Destiny That Act Of Most Merciful Allah We Got Out Of This Hell, Of This Damned Place in Time!
May Allah Reward To Everyone On Intentions And Actions Afterlife As Well!

Today we bring to your attention article devoted to the 25rd anniversary of genocide of Ahiska Meskhetian Turks in Uzbekistan. Terrible slaughter, civilians murders, riots and robberies, deportation from Uzbekistan the whole people of "Ahiska Meskhetian Turks" numbering of 160 thousand people.
Actions of Uzbekistan pogromist differed with unprecedented cruelty, working in the closest interaction with local bodies of Committee for State Security of the USSR. Pogromists, cruelly pinned up victims a pitchforks, cut off the heads, people burned alive, raped women, ripped up stomachs and turned alvus outside. Uzbeks killed not only adults, but also children and old men of  Meskhetian Turks. Mass nationalist attack of the amuck Uzbeks on defenseless Meskhetian Turks on May-June, 1989 took place not only in Fergana, Andizhan but also in February, March and June, 1990 in Buka and Parkenta of the Tashkent area of Uzbekistan.

Since May in Fergana, started to spread slanderous rumors about excesses of Ahiska Meskhetian Turks, about "mockeries" at Uzbeks, there were a lot of conversations that allegedly Meskhetian Turks force Uzbeks, there spread out false photos of children allegedly killed by Meskhetian Turks.
Uzbeks extended leaflets of the extremist contents with an appeal: UZBEKISTAN-FOR THE UZBEKS! Kill  Ahiskan Turks, otherwise you will be punished! Today Allah will give, the house of Turk will burn up! etc. Extremist leaflets and materials were prepared by Popular Movement "Birlik" (the Union of Uzbeks) and "Erk" (Freedom).

Record in "volunteers" was openly carried out - all the participants of future riots received the notification – "Wait for a signal!". At the enterprises of Fergana overtly fabricated self-made weapon, bombs, bottles with incendiary mixture.
From May 23th to May 25th in various regions of area there were group attacks on Meskhetian Turks. During collisions 58 people suffered. At the end of May, 1989 began the organized riots in the Fergana Region in Kuvasay,Fergana, Margilan, Kokand, Tashlak and other settlements. Uzbeks acted with crowds on 100-400 persons armed with fabricated metal rods, axes, a pitchfork, knifes and other subjects. Uzbeks killed peace, innocent Meskhetian Turks of old men, women, children, mass arsons of houses began, numerous murders were committed. Alcoholic drinks and drugs were free of charge distributed among Uzbeks. Even those Uzbeks who didn't take part in slaughter, tried to justify it somehow. The very ones who took part - didn't hide the participation.
June events in the Fergana area.
The main events occurred on June 3rd-12th, 1989.
The regional authorities knew that on June 3rd in Tashlak "Birlik's" representatives assume meeting for the organization of regional office of this movement.
Since morning on June 03rd groups of aggressive Fergana aggressively adjusted the Uzbek, Margelan, Tashlak and Komsomolsk started quarrels and fights with Meskhetian Turks. Toward the evening crowds of the Uzbeks numbering 300-400 people made villainies, riots and burnings of houses of Meskhetian Turks in Margilan.
Since morning on June 04th numerous groups of the Uzbeks armed with knifes, axes, metal rods and other subjects literally assaulted the places of residence of Meskhetian Turks and office buildings where they hided from punishment. Riots and arsons were made again. Harshly worsened situation inFergana, Tashlak. Units and divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR of all apprximately 12 thousands of the persons were thrown to Uzbekistan.

7. In June 1989 at least 1200 were killed in pogroms dire...

On the night of June 3rd-4th divisions of Internal Security Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR started to arrive toFergana. Since morning attacks on Meskhetian Turks and arsons resumed in Fergana, Margelan and Tashlak. Riots began in other places where Meskhetian Turks lived. The crowd demanded release of those whom the militia kept under arrest the day before, and extraditions of Meskhetian Turks for massacre. Disorders continued in Margelan. In the morning there gathered a meeting near "Uvaysi" cinema. Activists of meeting delivered the ultimatum: to extradite Meskhetian Turks and not to disturb punishment. The situation in Fergana also was intense: since morning the excited crowds of the young people armed with sticks and fittings gathered in the downtown. Militia wasn't visible anywhere in the city, as well as next day, on June 5.
05.06.1989. In the afternoon crowd of 200-300 people set afire to houses of Meskhetian Turks near the airport. By the evening the situation was even more heated; riots started in the city and nearby kishlaks. In the same day in collective farm Surkhtapa's kishlak named after Frunze of the Akhunbabayevsky region there took place group attacks on Meskhetian Turks, riots and burning of houses.
06.06.1989. Patrol and posts appeared inFergana. This day information on mass riots appeared in newspapers and on television.

07.06.1989. The center of events was transferred to the western part of area, to Kokand. In Kokand by this time there were more than 5 thousands of Meskhetian Turks, most of them tried to leave the city in previous days, the posts of militia exposed on suburbs stopped them and sent back. In the afternoon tens of thousands of thugs moved to the city by trucks, buses and tractor trailers. The crowd seized Kokand city department of internal affairs. From a pretrial detention center were released with a force of 68 prisoners. Pogromists scattered around the city smashed and burned houses of Meskhetian Turks, made villainies.
08.06.1989. In the morning in Kokand disorders flashed again, to the aid of thugs the reinforcement continued to arrive from nearby rural areas. On suburbs of the city continued robberies and arsons of the houses belonging to Meskhetian Turks. In the afternoon and in the evening groups of pogromists moved by captured cars on area.

09.06.1989. In the night of June 8th-9th in Gorskiy settlement two houses were plundered and burned, the owner of one of them - Yunus Osmanov - was burned alive. On the military range aboutFergana a temporary, uninhabited haven of refugees about 20 thousand Meskhetian Turks are collected. in the first place Evacuation of seriously wounded, patients and children to Russia started.
10.06.1989. In twenty-four hours according to the commandant in district occurred 16 riots and arsons, seven houses of Meskhetian Turks were burned. Only small groups participated in disorders already. On the night of June 11th, on refugee camp of Meskhetian Turks in the Asht region, moved a column of the trucks filled by guys, armed with cold, and partly with firearms. There were made attacks on temporary refugee camp where Ahiska Meskhetian Turks took cover.
11.06.1989. This day, according to the chief of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR of the colonel general Y.V. Shatalin, Internal Troops could seize a situation completely. In the night of 11th - 12th in the suburb of Margilan the group of unknown attacked Meskhetian Turks.
The evacuation of Meskhetian Turks refugees started on June 9th to Russia transport aircraft proceeded, by June 18th it was finished, from area 16 282 persons are evacuated. Export Meskhetian Turks in six areas of the Russian non-Black Earth Belt Region was authorized by the personal order of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR N. I. Ryzhkov that he acknowledged later in the memoirs. According to him, G. Kadirov the Chairman of the board Ministrov of Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic insisted on urgent evacuation of Meskhetian Turk refugees from temporary camp.
In February of 1990th, in Bouquet and Parkenta Uzbeks showed again the real face of the nation, riots repeated in several settlements of Tashkent area. Thugs didn't spare anything and plundered all that met on a way, set fire to houses to hide a crime. Riots and murders were necessary to Uzbeks to compel Meskhetian Turk to leave property earned by an honest, hard work and to run from Uzbekistan.

After bloody "The Fergana events" Buka events developed according to already familiar scenario with slightly changed characters. Under obscure circumstances the local mad Uzbek (The corpse had wounds, in an anus there was an foreign object in the form of metal fittings) died. On the region slanderous rumors about "atrocities" and "insidiousness" Meskhetian Turks started being spread. The crowd which began arsons gathered in state farm "40 years of October" and the settlement Karabag, 67 houses burned down.
In the Buka area amuck crowds burned to ashes not only houses, but whole villages of Meskhetian Turks. From the Buka area about 14 thousands people were evacuated out of borders of Uzbekistan.
The part of Meskhetian Turk refugees from the Buka area was taken temporarily out to sanatorium "Kumushkan" which is in the Parkent region Tashkent area. Since morning on March 3, 1990 crowd gathered at a district committee of Communist Party, it quickly expanded to 10 thousand people. In Parkent threre were redeployed additional forces of militia and internal troops. They tried to push aside crowd from a central square. From crowd stones were thrown, fire from the self-made weapon was opened, the officer of militia killed and over 100 Meskhetian Turks people injured. Special appointment battalion soldiers started fire for effect.

According to the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan number of victims of disorder is strictly secured and present the Uzbeks suppress and still store to secret all facts of bloody excesses of the Uzbeks.

Uzbek officials insist that fewer than 103 people died in Uzbekistan, international observers and journalists as eyewitnesses called figures of the killed from 900 to 1200 Meskhetian Turks people, several hundreds of people were missing, three and a half thousand of people got severe wounds, burns. As a result of riots and murders about 150-160 thousand Meskhetian Turks were compelled to throw the houses and property and to run from Uzbekistan.

Those days the correspondent of BBC told that "The chairman of the board Ministrov of the USSR Nikolay Ryzhkov promised Meskhetian Turks living in Uzbekistan that their requirement about return of their historical homeland, to Georgia, will be officially considered. But whether Meskhetian Turks back in Meskhetiya will be practical to move? In case of returning home of Meskhetian Turks the main difficulty is connected with living space. After war the large number the Georgian and Armenians was violently moved in Ahiska Meskhetiya.
Thus, the peasants living there already for two generations, will resolutely object to mass return of Meskhetian Turks.

Here attestations of eyewitnesses: the journalist colonel P. Studenikin ("Pure before our people". M. "Patriot", изд.1991г, page 219: "To us, to journalists and Member of Parliament of the USSR inFergana showed, frankly talking under pressing, the video made those days in places where events had the most hardened character: as with impunity, without receiving any counteraction, not armed swells as dwellings flared, the marauders plundering crushed houses gathered for riots, than only, and … the burned, spoiled corpses – them got to a lens enough. From cruelty and violence and about still blood runs cold in veins.

Photos - signs of orgy of madness and a sadism: the burned corpse - it is impossible to identify the man it or the woman; the killed the man and the teenager – it is visible the father with the son – and nearby a bludgeon, by which they were killed; the corpse of the woman dumped in a ditch – crippled, with the injured to a bone of heels; the burned houses with gaping wounds of riots, with a smell of burning … as if Genghis Khan rushed with the horde into our educated century. ", "Flying up to Kokand, still from a distance saw tens columns of a black smoke, and then bright torches flaring of houses beneath. Suddenly below picture: from two sides the central square was blocked by chains of soldiers, in front of which two huge crowds gathered, and the house nearby flared, cars turned upside down burned. In crowd … even it was possible to distinguish separate furious faces, sticks in hands ….it was possible to distinguish running … they were young guys not senior than 25-30 years old. With rage they threatened us with fists and bludgeons, and some of them couldn't stand – threw stones in powerless rage to the helicopter", "Defenders of a law and order … saw … as from buses dragged out the Turkish girls and made violations over them, as from a house roof - the Russian dumped … and then, still alive burned him …"
"Apprximate at midnight … messages: at the airport group of extremists tried to prevent a plane departure with the refugees, the second – in suburban kishlaks 4 KAMAZ with the armed bandits are noticed. We leave with group of the Art. of the lieutenant A.Sandalov … on interception of KAMAZ. In Gorskiy settlement. … in state farm management … saw the hidden people … They told, extremists by 4 cars passed here 0,5 hours ago … 2 Turkish houses were crushed at night, the owner of one of which burned alive on a fire. It is impossible to describe that opened to our eyes in Yunus Osmanov's burned on a fire. Everything in the house went under an axe – furniture, chests, dresses, kitchen utensils, books and even family photo albums. The neighbor of Osmanov -disabled veteran A. Abdullaev told: "Yunus's 2 sons took away even earlier – in office, and the wife with younger escaped. These beasts returned at night. Neighbors dispersed on houses, threatened: don't lean out, differently with you we will make the same. Smashed the house, the old man shouted – called to the aid. Then the fire flared – they burned down Yunus … still alive. Surrounded a fire with crowd... Then shouted, laughed" It … I carried out us to sura... I cast away a dirty cover and we shuddered from the seen: from the person I remained burned block, but here lay escaped a foot – probably acted from a fire, and disappeared, not touched by fire",
"in Gorskiy settlement - in the same day in the evening … the crowd collapsed howling on the Russian cemetery … By shout they quelled fears, probably, and kindled ненавистье touched by fire and burned up так and disappeared, sqeezed heels not touched with fire"
"To our bus approached several Uzbek guys, one of them … refused to call a surname, started abusing correspondents that those don't support Uzbeks in their "just" business.
- To burn down old men alive, to kill, torture people is that just business?
- Turks don't have a place on the Uzbek earth …
- You will kill Turks, and after who You will get to?
- In total we will drive all from Uzbekistan – Crimean Tatars, Jews, Russians. We have a lot of unemployed, and there isn't enough land …"
Interview to journalists of the eyewitness of the sergeant of the Ministry of Internal Affairs G. Khasanov – rescuing people from the flown into a rage Uzbek crowd: "They were ready to do anything. Burned down houses, plundered, to scoff at people! These geeks … surrounded houses, took out all valuable, and then threw in windows burning torches. Inhabitants weren't let out for a threshold while they alive didn't burn down. Shouts, entreaties about mercy, requests and appeals to humanity only warmed up them. And they continued the bloody slaughter … Practically all my companions got burns and wounds …"

The well-known journalist Max Lurye living nowadays in Israel in the wake of theFergana events as the journalist the witness published the book "Smell of Burning and Grief" in Moscow. In interview to the israeli newspaper "Vesti" of M. Lurye told that on a place "Meskhetian Turks" could be anyone because attacking it was necessary to show the force simply. Defenseless Meskhetian Turks were ideal "whipping boys" and on their place there could be any other people".

It is remarkable that, making comments on these bloody events, the Chairman of the Council of Nationalities of the Supreme Council of the USSR (the former first secretary of the Central Committee of Communist Party of Uzbekistan) R. N. Nishanov: at meeting of Congress of People's Deputies I declared that all began with quarrel at the market because of "a plate of strawberry" (the Turk was uncivil the Uzbek seller and I overturned strawberry, she was protected by others, a fight started, etc.). The same point of view was stated in the interview of the Chairman of the Cabinet Council of Uzbek SSR G. Kadirov.

On June 23, 1989 the Present president I.Karimov was elected "the 1st secretary of the Central committee of communist party of Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic". All of them are leaders in Central Committee of Communist Party of Uzbekistan, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in Committee for State Security knew about preparing riots.

Against these bloody, tragic events on March 15, 1990 Mikhail Gorbachev was elected the President of the USSR. Everybody knew that the USSR proceeded to collapse long ago, Mikhail Gorbachev destroyed the USSR for the Western Money Destroyed.

In general long ago it was known that sooner or later it will occur. The republic could be taken easily under control without the slightest bloodshed, but was made nothing to rescue the hardworking and peaceful people of Ahiska Meskhetian Turks.

Supreme priest GOR-BACHEV, the president of the USSR gave "an accurate signal! " - It is allowed

Conquerors of an antiquity burned books and destroyed monuments to deprive the people of historical memory.
Stalin followed this example and copied ancient history of the Caucasus and its inhabitants. The matter is that now there was such situation that history of the Caucasus, Ahiska Meskhetian Turks, in fact it is necessary to copy anew entirely. Because we are more defenseless than all, otherwise we will have neither history nor "a Historical Homeland" in the future

The philosopher George Santayana told " Those who will forget their past are condemned to live it again". We are obliged to remember everything to draw lessons from the past for for the present and the future.

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