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State of Dayton positive, mayor says.
State of Dayton positive, mayor says.

DAYTON -- Mayor Gary Leitzell laid out the state of the city Thursday night as he gave his annual speech at the new Ahiska Turkish Community Center.

Leitzell calls the new center a success story, as the growing Ahiska Turkish community is helping to repopulate the city and fill up some of the abandoned homes.Leitzell also touted the city's much-improved financial situation, working with a budget surplus the past two years.

The address, given from the Ahiska American Turkish Community Center on East Fifth Street, came five days before voters go to the polls Tuesday, May 7 to pick two from among Leitzell, Nan Whaley and A.J. Wagner for two spots in the November election for mayor.

Leitzell also talked about innovation, creativity and the need for Dayton to try new ideas. One of the biggest innovations, he said, was 2011’s immigrant-friendly city plan Welcome Dayton. He applauded the growth of the city’s Ahiska Turk community — more than 450 families today versus 150 in 2010.
Leitzell also urged residents to build relationships with their neighbors and local businesses.

"Are things perfect? No. Are things improving as quickly as we would like them to? No. They never do. But they are changing. And Dayton is better for it,” Leitzell said.


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