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The return home of Ahiska Turks has made for unease among the Armenian diaspora.

With also Turkey's initiatives, Ahıska Ahiska Meskhetian TurksTurks have started returning to their homeland. Although the Armenian diaspora is uneasy over their return, Ahıska Meskhetian Turks are determined to go back to their homeland and become vocal in expressing their demands, having been subjected to injustices in the past.

Ahıska Meskhetian Turks who were living on Georgian territories were sent to exile having been put on trains at the order of Russian dictator Stalin within two hours stayer away from their homes and thousands of them died because of extreme weather conditions, being unable to endure hardship. They were obliged to live away from their homeland subjected to torture and persecution.
The chairman of the Centre for the Protection of Ahiska Meskhetian Turks, Pasha Alihan said their sole aim is to to have the world learn about their reality, that they are a Meskhetian Turkish community exiled from their homeland 69 years ago and they had been leaving scattered to ten different countries.

Owing to Turkey's initiatives, the Georgian parliament accepted with a decision taken in 2007 the return to Georgia of Ahıska Meskhetian Turks. The report that Georgian authorities started granting Georgian citizenship to Ahiska Meskhetian Turks made for unease in the Armenian community both in Armenia and in the world.

Pasha Alihan said Armenians had spread the word across the world that Ahıska Turks' return would be a most provocative move, claiming that if  Ahiska Meskhetian Turks return was not thwarted, they would come up with the demand for a merger with Turkey, which he said even Georgian experts found rather incredible.


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