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Khojaly Genocide Commemorated in Dayton
Khojaly Genocide Commemorated in Dayton, OH.

The ceremony, organized by the Azerbaijani Embassy in the US and Ahiska US held at the  Ahiska Turkish-American Community Center of Dayton, OH

The commemoration ceremony was attended by the state and local officials, as well as by social and educational organizations, NGOs, religious institutions, private businessmen, members of Ahiska Turkish community of Ohio. The President of the Community Center Islom Shahbenderov opened the evening by extending remarks on the horrors of Khojaly Massacre and highlighting the importance of informing the international community about this tragedy. The next speakers, representatives of the Embassy of Azerbaijan, Natig Bakhishov and Emil Safarov spoke about Khojaly Massacre, providing details on perpetrators of the war crime and the victims of the massacre. The video depicting the horrors of Khojaly Massacre and interviews of its survivors describing the situation in Khojaly on the eve of the massacre was shown to the audience. The city officials who attended the event shared their sorrow and stated their readiness to inform and educate the Dayton community about the tragedy. The event was concluded by a minute of silence.


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